Slide vs. LX–Exinor calls this bout.

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I’m fairly new to the “cellular world.” Yeah, I know… “Exinor, where the HECK have you been?!”

Well, ANYWAYS… I wanted to take advantage of Sidekick’s unlimited data plan, with their latest releases. My first choice was a Sidekick Slide. Great concept for a phone, switching from the original swivel to a screen that slides straight up. Could’ve been great… too bad that’s pretty much the ONLY good thing about the phone.

The screen is smaller, which honestly most people won’t care about–but the major downfall of this phone is that the microSD slot is placed in the most inconvenient location: behind BOTH the battery and the SIM card. This is alright for people who normally don’t take their card out of their camera, but for those who do, this is a nightmare. It even states in the pdf that you have to take out just the battery, when you REALLY have to take out the battery AND the SIM card (demonstrated to me in a T-Mobile store). I mean, just LOOK at it–


Many times over too, my roller ball stopped working, in which case I had to blow on it furiously to get it working properly again. Also, the ambient sensor doesn’t seem to be working properly, because the screen goes from dark to light too many times.

The other redeeming quality I found about the slide (besides the sliding screen), is the keyboard. I know many others would argue this trait, but speaking as a newbie to the technology, the buttons are close enough together to allow you to type messages fairly quickly.

Now–the Sidekick LX’s ambient sensor is perfect (at least so far), with at least 1 second lag time for the screen to adjust to the background light. The memory card slot is behind the back cover, but in its own separate location away from the battery.

The slim, sleek design of the LX makes it more appropriate to attempt to fit in your pocket as opposed to the slight girth of the Slide.

Conclusion: Slide wins in concept, but not in design. Cheaper, though. 🙂


Linking USB Digital Olympus Camera + Vista (Explorer)

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You: “I would like to link my Olympus Digital Camera to my PC via a USB port because I don’t have an xD Picture card reader.”

*Clicks on [Open folder to view files]*

You: “OMG… these are pictures I took a LONG time ago… where’s my new ones?”

Vista: 🙂

If you try to copy the pictures, and preview them after you copy them to your HD, you will find that they are still the same new pictures that you took recently, BUT the thumbnail vista gives them in Explorer looks like older pictures you have taken.

Now… how to solve this?

Right click the picture, go to Properties.

Go to the “Details” tab.

At the bottom, right above “OK”, click Remove Properties and Personal information

Click the bullet that says “Remove properties from this file:”, Select All, then OK.

After it’s all said and done, refresh windows explorer, you should now see your new pictures instead of your old ones!

Internship in SL with Iota Studios: Complete

•January 1, 2008 • 1 Comment

Here’s a mini log of everything I’ve done during the course of my internship with Iota Studios. All of it entails 3D content creation and modeling.

First up, an assignment to make a realistic weapon. I used the image of a gun called the “Callahan Pistol” to create this grayscale model in Second Life.

Second, I had to create a weapon of MEGA proportions. Inspired by the weapon detail in Monster Hunter, I made this weapon that’s kinda a scythed hammer that can shoot lightning bolts. It’s called the “Black Lightning”.

Third was the exact opposite. I had to make jewelry using tiny prims. I used a specimen known as the “Moonstone Necklace” to inspire this model.

Finally, the most challenging project–was a fully customized avatar. Unfortunately, on this one, I didn’t do as good as I would’ve hoped… but I do look to improve, and I’ve learned a lot about it. I used Samus Aran from Metroid to inspire this build. It’s a female armor set.

The following two pictures are simple builds I made in my spare time to test my skills. I do hope to market everything soon.

My final thoughts: Actually, in the course of this internship, I have met my goal of becoming a proficient builder. I think I can take on the title of “Advanced Builder,” but in order to become an expert of 3D content creation, I still have much to learn and practice.

If anybody wants me to attempt to create something for the in SL of their choosing, I’ll do my best, and give you a discounted price until I become an expert. 😀

(btw… sorry I took so long to make a new post)

Windows cannot connect to the printer, HP deskjet 5100 series

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Finally, I can access my printer on my home network… using particular advice from this forum post, I was able to access the wizard to install my printer… however, my model wasn’t listed under available signed drivers, and pointing towards my setup CD didn’t work… so I just installed the drivers for the 5400 series and voila!  It’s working!  When I still try to connect to it through the network, access is denied… but if I try to manually print any document from a text editor or word processor, it works 🙂

Me is happy.


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I haven’t written so long because of sheer MADNESS problems with my laptop and it’s wireless, courtesy of Vista, of course.  Through it all, I went through a crazy process trying to install Linux Ubuntu, and I ended up "destroying" my Broadcom wireless network as a result… thus, I put it in to Best Buy for servicing.  The diagnostic showed that the laptop couldn’t be fixed, so I got an exchange for it.  I now have a Sony Vaio N-Series, and just for ha-has, I tried to run the Ubuntu live cd.  Alas, I had NO PROBLEM getting it working.  It so happens that trying to get Linux working on HP/Compaq is a nightmare in hell.

I was able to start my Second Life internship with <a href="">Iota studios</a>, CEO Cody Rauh/Perefim Cao.  I’ve made a few interesting 3D builds so far, as that is what the internship entails.  Many content developers in Second Life know that any complete object holds three things together:

  • A 3D design/interface
  • Texturing
  • Scripting

Sculpting is also part of the mix, but very optional… as there are very few things that can’t be made without prims… but it saves prim count.

Sustainable WiFi and media delivery in developing countries…?

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This is the aftermath of the NYC wireless meeting yesterday. A couple of entrepreneurs, Michael Hannilan and Tejpaul Bhatia, builds a company based on shipping media and servers via a storage unit to foreign countries using WiFi to develop their internet networks. Their claim is to “take advantage of developing WiFi and WiMax networks” by shipping content that they can use over the internet. There are a few problems with this model though.

  1. This puts major power in the hands of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers), for without them, there is no service to begin with, and they can decide the bandwidth rate of existing networks… so that the ability to give high quality interactive media to these folks MAY be limited.
  2. This models focuses on the customers being the companies who so desire to give them content to distribute… where these companies themselves can infiltrate the areas and do such a thing.
  3. The content distributed is very limited particularly to what they’re offering… as opposed to the high tech ad-hoc society of YouTube, Usenet, etc., where the amount of content provided is limited to the user’s desires… and the amazing ability to share everything with everybody.

Maybe… some sort of survey/feedback form can be distributed not only to collect other metrics to prove that there is a market there to address… but to also confirm what the users need so they can continue to distribute content that users actually WANT.

Vista strikes again (video card problems)

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I can’t believe the deficiencies that Vista has with my video card. When I routinely try to do my DJing gig on Second Life, I have to run Second Life + Winamp/Shoutcast. Now this is ridiculous, because eventually, my windows (and screen) looks like the following:

Now… my explorer bar RELOCATES to the top of the screen, when actually, it still only responds when I try to navigate it as if it were on the bottom. Whenever I maximize/minimize the windows, some appear transparent. Add on to this that the screen flickers back and forth, and you only end up with an extreme eyesore.

I’ve tried the following:

1) Reinstalling/updating the video drivers.
2) Running Vista in safe mode.
3) Closing everything else that runs in the background.

After a bit of research, I noticed that the video card that my computer was equipped with is a weird one… the nVidia GeForce 6150. I went to some universal driver websites only to find one or two drivers tops for this card. I was always considering downgrading to Windows XP, but what if the same problems exist alongside those drivers…? nVidia isn’t giving us enough support here, what are we supposed to do?

In part, this is a cry for help, but I’m not going to stop trying to figure out what’s wrong.