Destroy Television art exhibit

I was there (on May 23), and found it a pretty interesting venue… what I’ve gotten from it was an interesting experiment to lifelog a SL avatar. I’m not entirely sure if they wanted to turn this into a utility, or show what lifelogging in real life will be like eventually. Every experience the avatar goes through in SL is searchable on Flickr, via tags. This may also lead to some interesting ideas regarding the intersection of virtual space and reality.

I met several people there I already met at Mobile Camp the previous Saturday: Marshall and Tish, each of whom does interesting workings in virtual space of SL. I also met Eric, whom I’ve already seen at a previous 2600 meeting. Also met some new faces… Theodore Wright is the only one I can think up from the top of my head.

The gathering allowed me to collect feedback on my idea to write a book about digital/metaverse culture, and it’s effect on reality. I spoke to Christian in particular about my five concepts on online relationships and their adverse effects.

I’ve already interacted with Destroy Television herself on SL… and I’m really looking forward to the turnout. Maybe it’ll become as big as Or maybe not, because videoblogging can raise up a bunch of serious issues.

Today, I settled some issues with GreenDot… I’m using a prepaid credit card to have a premium account on Second Life. It’s working out fine, except I got overcharged two bucks. 😦


~ by exinor on May 24, 2007.

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