Eco-terrorism meetup in Second Life

Though I don’t have the specs of it, there was a meetup last night in Second Life from one of the creators of the Sundance channel about eco-terrorism irl. I got my invite from my buddy and fellow software developer, California Condor. I had to miss part of it because my brother had messed up my monitor on the living room, and partially because I forgot to turn my audio on (lol). But from what I’ve heard, there are many interesting theories regarding the environment, and what’s being done to protect it. One of the things that had me particularly interested was the subject of “Solar Powered Cars,” which I’ve heard of multiple times in my life, but apparently the speaker at the conference had never heard of such a thing…

It’s great that Second Life can be used as a tool to hold these gatherings, especially with people that would otherwise be busy. California even gave me a tour of his base in Second Life, which gave me a basic outlook on how even religious groups gather in Second Life. I’ve already happened across a SL Monastery, and it’s all interesting stuff.

Later on, I met up with Christian Prior, co-creator of Destroy Television, at my Monroe College campus on Second Life. I happened to be there with RG Cortes, who’s one of our most dedicated interns. Christian showed me a bunch of fantastic models/animations including, but not limited to- at statue of King Kong and a Spartan, a raining animation, a tsunami animation (which flooded the sim…. lol), a HELL animation, and a bunch of other things. Angelus Daviau and Marie McMillan even dropped in to see what all the fuss is about… so they were dragged into the wide plethora of animations that Christian was using (or showing off with). Destroy Television has a SPECIAL invite to my Video Game event at StarCity in SLC. Interaction there should be interesting.

Also, I’m saving up big time to own land via Linden Lab’s land auctions. Already Marie and Angelus has donated a generous amount of money to me for the cause, and we’re planning to split the 512 three-way. The first floor will be used for business purposes, and the second/top floor of the house will be used for personal purposes. I’m thinking of becoming an SL freelancer… but there’s still much to learn (animations, poseballs, designing, etc.).


~ by exinor on May 25, 2007.

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