My Internship activities on Second Life

For those who don’t know… I’m working with my school (Monroe College) for an internship on Second Life. I was explicitly asked by Professor Kmir to keep a working log of everything I accomplish, so I shall use this blog space to document all of my achievements, whether intern related or not.

  1. Helped to establish the home base for Monroe College on Second Life
  2. Created a sensor which tells all visitors of the Dean is online or not
  3. Created the sign in front of the campus, as well as the granite walkway
  4. Furnish the Interns’ Lounge area
  5. Created an object which gives visitors information about Monroe as well as a free T-shirt
  6. Created an object that links to the Interns’ or Employers’ forms if needed
  7. Helped fellow internship members with their respective projects
  8. Created a tip jar which says one of four random phrases
  9. Learned to use group abilities and permissions signing
  10. Scripted a greeter that welcomes visitors into the campus
  11. Created the welcoming sign right outside the door

Also… watch out for my StarCity Video Game outfit event tomorrow… because my special guest there is Destroy Television! I will bring as much mayhem and chaos as I can to make this an interesting event for DTV’s upcoming movie. Also… I need to brush up on my promotions/sponsorship skills if I wish to get that promotion in Second Life Casinos. Also, my project to host a hoedown is falling through the floor… all I really have is a horse and cart to pick up people around the SIM, but haven’t found such a thing as squaredance poseballs.


~ by exinor on May 27, 2007.

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