To accomplish the impossible…? Vista/UBUNTU Dual-Boot

Well, I was at the 2600 meeting in NYC, so I decided it was an opportune time to bring my laptop to see if I can get Vista dual-booted. As soon as I got there, many of the basic things were shown to me by a fellow hacker, but we had trouble burning the ISO image files. The boots went terrible, and I did meet another guy that was better at Linux/UNIX, but my battery was down to 10% by the time he got there… he said the trouble was with my ACPI, so I’m figuring out a safe way to uninstall it, so I can have Ubuntu as my second Operating System.

I also met some people from Monroe there, Jeffrey (whom I know already), and Vito from the New Rochelle campus. It was fun talking about Second Life things with them, as well as the “incident” in Michegan. Afterwards I took them to the Destroy Television exhibit, to see if they would like it. Sure enough, they did… we also had a little chat with Jerry, who said he’s interested in following what we’re doing with virtual internships.

Also, I’ve downloaded Blender, which is a tool I plan to use to learn about sculpting prims… and it seems I’ve got the basics. I just need help visualizing what it is I want in my head, and getting the tools to produce that exact output on the screen. Whether this is for me or not, it’ll still be a learning experience. Hopefully one I can carry with me. It would seem that it should have Python built-in, but doesn’t…

Anyways… I’m really looking for help with this dual-boot, all information is appreciated, for this is the first dual-boot I have attempted.


~ by exinor on June 3, 2007.

One Response to “To accomplish the impossible…? Vista/UBUNTU Dual-Boot”

  1. I have the latest Ubuntu version(fiesty) I can lend it to you if you want.

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