Hoedown review, and progress of virtual club.

Many would argue that clubs are the “virus” of Second Life, but no doubt, they’re supposed to be big moneymakers. My friend and I have spent a bunch of money on Nocturnal Rush, and got a whole bunch of regulars, including Marie, Nuku, and blueeyedguy. Other than that, though we’re in the middle of relocating. I plan to have a radio stream up from OCremix, since it’s a video game themed club.

Other than that, this hoedown project for Monroe College is proving complicated, ‘cuz NO animations of square dances exist in Second Life… therefore I’ll have to animate it myself, and script it. Here’s a sample of what a square dance looks like…

Methinks I’ll have to actually TRY it to get all the moves stuck in my head, and I’ve no clue how long this project can take.

Also, I’ve had a bunch of meetings with the Iota studios employer Cody, because the interns haven’t been on for his classes. He ended up canceling the internship altogether, but is interested in hiring yours truly as an intern next semester. I am very excited and am looking forward to see the things he can teach me, and the projects I’ll be able to do.


~ by exinor on June 13, 2007.

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