Club and project update. Mobile SEO.

Above you see some of the developments of Nocturnal Rush, a club my buddy Angelus and I have been working on. It’s pulled in a ton of traffic, and is pleasing us with the turnout. Currently we accommodate humans and dragons. I’m working on developments to accommodate tinies and aquatics in there… need the budget.

Tonight was the preview of the scheduled hoedown for the internship… and it’s shaping out quite nicely. We have the dances worked out, some of the music, some of the musicians, and most of the props. All I really see left is for everybody to get in proper costume… in which case I can show them where they can get a nice freebie one to start.

Mobile Monday, discussions of Mobile SEO (Search Engine Optimization). June 25th. Interesting, but I say… I’m not sure it’s so “feasible” to the mobile user. The only way I see this working is if a user can just say the search terms into the phone then send the request over. And DSP technology hasn’t evolved quite enough yet to even try to make that work. However, I know there are many technologies that “learns” your voice after a while so maybe there’s a way to program them to constantly try to understand your voice even when you’re talking to friends…? Just a thought.

Otherwise, mobile search is most likely to be used for silly things nowadays, as certain things were mentioned (sports, porn, etc.). But I still say… leave room for improvement. I doubt people will stay forever with their (large) laptops to look for important information… they may turn to mobile devices someday.

I also had the pleasure of talking with Sean Owen of Google and Andrea Mitchell of PodCastGO. Bright minds are sure shaping the future of mobile technology.


~ by exinor on July 3, 2007.

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