Black desktop icons… RESOLVED

Well, I’m writing this post because I had this problem with my desktop icons appearing as black boxes (on Vista). I did find one solution online. It was just one hit though. So I shall put this up for anybody with a similar or same problem. All I had to do is start up Windows in Safe Mode, then reboot. A simple solution to a silly problem.

Fast forwarding… new problem: at the 2600 meeting, I couldn’t access the internet via a connection a peer set up on his cell phone… and I’m told my Broadcom Wireless card is terrible hardware. It was also probably the reason why Fedora Core 6 couldn’t locate my hardware drivers properly. I will look more into the issue…

Hoedown for Second Life: Everything is in place, except I cannot find the proper square dance music yet. Also, I’m looking for volunteers… so if anybody’s reading this that’s in Second Life, give me a holler–Exinor Balczo.


~ by exinor on July 7, 2007.

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