Verizon and Belkin, you BOTH fail (Troubleshoot DSL problem)

Verizon DSL… decent internet, reputable company. But guess what: over the course of three weeks, my internet went on and off on me every five minutes, causing me to have to relog on Maple Story, Meebo, and Second Life. Now… you can sure bet that I called Verizon to troubleshoot the issue, but they just kept telling me to restart the modem, and a bunch of silly nonsense, one of which I even logged into the DSL modem itself to re-configure it.

Now… curious as to what could be causing the problem, I logged into my router to see when/why my DSL connection is cutting off. Look at what I see:

Firewall log:
Tues Aug 7 13:48:42 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection
Tues Aug 7 13:49:46 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection
Tues Aug 7 13:50:43 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection
Tues Aug 7 13:52:55 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection
Tues Aug 7 13:54:05 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection…

Now seriously. What kinda company configures a router to block the ISP by default. What’s wrong with you people?

Curious as to how this might be, I click on “Connection Type” on the menu to the left, only to see it’s to Dynamic by default… where it should be set to PPPoE, thanks to the insane security Verizon has put on their lines.

So I click into PPPoE to configure it, use the Master Verizon Account name and password, as well as naming the service “Verizon” (though I’m sure you don’t have to do this by default). Once saved, my DSL connection was up and running again.

Many have warned me that Belkin hardware was unfriendly. Cisco/Linksys FTW. I’ll focus on getting one soon.


~ by exinor on August 8, 2007.

One Response to “Verizon and Belkin, you BOTH fail (Troubleshoot DSL problem)”

  1. I am not too happy with my Belkin Router at the moment (how I came across this) but the problem you were having was not really Belkin’s fault and technically not Verizon’s fault although someone with decent networking knowledge could have solved the problem. All DSL connections use PPPoE for authentication and cable uses either a statically assigned IP or a dynamically assigned one (99% of all cases) after authenticating your modem’s MAC Address to the network. The routers are set to dynamic by default as this is the most popular configuration, but for you, you’d need to know that DSL uses PPPoE in the first place to set it up properly as you finally did.

    This address: is a computer on your internal network, probably your computer that you are using and it is probably getting blocked because you have a virus on it trying to send crap out to the net.

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