Windows Live Writer… O RLY?!

I’m testing out this new tool I downloaded from Microsoft called Windows Live Writer for my blog… it’s a desktop app that’ll synchronize with my weblog whenever I have an active Internet connection… This will be particularly useful whenever I bring my laptop places WITHOUT an Internet connection, but have something to write about.  Perhaps if I keep it up, I can even catch up to my colleague Marshall Sponder and his frequent blog updates.

My latest news is that I’m currently going to tackle doing custom projects for clients on Second Life, and have developed my own special tipjar app… which I hope to complete soon and put it up on SLexchange.

Also, I’m organizing an event (or series of events) for YoD 2007 (Year of the Dolphin), on Second Life.  My partner in this endeavor is Reg Mannonen, one of the most well known aquatics on SL.  I’m currently collecting information on dolphins and their endangerment, so I can find a way to have this information available to the public on SL.


~ by exinor on August 17, 2007.

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