Sustainable WiFi and media delivery in developing countries…?

This is the aftermath of the NYC wireless meeting yesterday. A couple of entrepreneurs, Michael Hannilan and Tejpaul Bhatia, builds a company based on shipping media and servers via a storage unit to foreign countries using WiFi to develop their internet networks. Their claim is to “take advantage of developing WiFi and WiMax networks” by shipping content that they can use over the internet. There are a few problems with this model though.

  1. This puts major power in the hands of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers), for without them, there is no service to begin with, and they can decide the bandwidth rate of existing networks… so that the ability to give high quality interactive media to these folks MAY be limited.
  2. This models focuses on the customers being the companies who so desire to give them content to distribute… where these companies themselves can infiltrate the areas and do such a thing.
  3. The content distributed is very limited particularly to what they’re offering… as opposed to the high tech ad-hoc society of YouTube, Usenet, etc., where the amount of content provided is limited to the user’s desires… and the amazing ability to share everything with everybody.

Maybe… some sort of survey/feedback form can be distributed not only to collect other metrics to prove that there is a market there to address… but to also confirm what the users need so they can continue to distribute content that users actually WANT.


~ by exinor on August 30, 2007.

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