I haven’t written so long because of sheer MADNESS problems with my laptop and it’s wireless, courtesy of Vista, of course.  Through it all, I went through a crazy process trying to install Linux Ubuntu, and I ended up "destroying" my Broadcom wireless network as a result… thus, I put it in to Best Buy for servicing.  The diagnostic showed that the laptop couldn’t be fixed, so I got an exchange for it.  I now have a Sony Vaio N-Series, and just for ha-has, I tried to run the Ubuntu live cd.  Alas, I had NO PROBLEM getting it working.  It so happens that trying to get Linux working on HP/Compaq is a nightmare in hell.

I was able to start my Second Life internship with <a href="">Iota studios</a>, CEO Cody Rauh/Perefim Cao.  I’ve made a few interesting 3D builds so far, as that is what the internship entails.  Many content developers in Second Life know that any complete object holds three things together:

  • A 3D design/interface
  • Texturing
  • Scripting

Sculpting is also part of the mix, but very optional… as there are very few things that can’t be made without prims… but it saves prim count.


~ by exinor on October 8, 2007.

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