Internship in SL with Iota Studios: Complete

Here’s a mini log of everything I’ve done during the course of my internship with Iota Studios. All of it entails 3D content creation and modeling.

First up, an assignment to make a realistic weapon. I used the image of a gun called the “Callahan Pistol” to create this grayscale model in Second Life.

Second, I had to create a weapon of MEGA proportions. Inspired by the weapon detail in Monster Hunter, I made this weapon that’s kinda a scythed hammer that can shoot lightning bolts. It’s called the “Black Lightning”.

Third was the exact opposite. I had to make jewelry using tiny prims. I used a specimen known as the “Moonstone Necklace” to inspire this model.

Finally, the most challenging project–was a fully customized avatar. Unfortunately, on this one, I didn’t do as good as I would’ve hoped… but I do look to improve, and I’ve learned a lot about it. I used Samus Aran from Metroid to inspire this build. It’s a female armor set.

The following two pictures are simple builds I made in my spare time to test my skills. I do hope to market everything soon.

My final thoughts: Actually, in the course of this internship, I have met my goal of becoming a proficient builder. I think I can take on the title of “Advanced Builder,” but in order to become an expert of 3D content creation, I still have much to learn and practice.

If anybody wants me to attempt to create something for the in SL of their choosing, I’ll do my best, and give you a discounted price until I become an expert. 😀

(btw… sorry I took so long to make a new post)


~ by exinor on January 1, 2008.

One Response to “Internship in SL with Iota Studios: Complete”

  1. You go buddy, great stuff!!! woo hooo!!!

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