Linking USB Digital Olympus Camera + Vista (Explorer)

You: “I would like to link my Olympus Digital Camera to my PC via a USB port because I don’t have an xD Picture card reader.”

*Clicks on [Open folder to view files]*

You: “OMG… these are pictures I took a LONG time ago… where’s my new ones?”

Vista: 🙂

If you try to copy the pictures, and preview them after you copy them to your HD, you will find that they are still the same new pictures that you took recently, BUT the thumbnail vista gives them in Explorer looks like older pictures you have taken.

Now… how to solve this?

Right click the picture, go to Properties.

Go to the “Details” tab.

At the bottom, right above “OK”, click Remove Properties and Personal information

Click the bullet that says “Remove properties from this file:”, Select All, then OK.

After it’s all said and done, refresh windows explorer, you should now see your new pictures instead of your old ones!


~ by exinor on February 3, 2008.

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