Slide vs. LX–Exinor calls this bout.

I’m fairly new to the “cellular world.” Yeah, I know… “Exinor, where the HECK have you been?!”

Well, ANYWAYS… I wanted to take advantage of Sidekick’s unlimited data plan, with their latest releases. My first choice was a Sidekick Slide. Great concept for a phone, switching from the original swivel to a screen that slides straight up. Could’ve been great… too bad that’s pretty much the ONLY good thing about the phone.

The screen is smaller, which honestly most people won’t care about–but the major downfall of this phone is that the microSD slot is placed in the most inconvenient location: behind BOTH the battery and the SIM card. This is alright for people who normally don’t take their card out of their camera, but for those who do, this is a nightmare. It even states in the pdf that you have to take out just the battery, when you REALLY have to take out the battery AND the SIM card (demonstrated to me in a T-Mobile store). I mean, just LOOK at it–


Many times over too, my roller ball stopped working, in which case I had to blow on it furiously to get it working properly again. Also, the ambient sensor doesn’t seem to be working properly, because the screen goes from dark to light too many times.

The other redeeming quality I found about the slide (besides the sliding screen), is the keyboard. I know many others would argue this trait, but speaking as a newbie to the technology, the buttons are close enough together to allow you to type messages fairly quickly.

Now–the Sidekick LX’s ambient sensor is perfect (at least so far), with at least 1 second lag time for the screen to adjust to the background light. The memory card slot is behind the back cover, but in its own separate location away from the battery.

The slim, sleek design of the LX makes it more appropriate to attempt to fit in your pocket as opposed to the slight girth of the Slide.

Conclusion: Slide wins in concept, but not in design. Cheaper, though. 🙂


~ by exinor on May 29, 2008.

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