Windows Live Writer… O RLY?!

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I’m testing out this new tool I downloaded from Microsoft called Windows Live Writer for my blog… it’s a desktop app that’ll synchronize with my weblog whenever I have an active Internet connection… This will be particularly useful whenever I bring my laptop places WITHOUT an Internet connection, but have something to write about.  Perhaps if I keep it up, I can even catch up to my colleague Marshall Sponder and his frequent blog updates.

My latest news is that I’m currently going to tackle doing custom projects for clients on Second Life, and have developed my own special tipjar app… which I hope to complete soon and put it up on SLexchange.

Also, I’m organizing an event (or series of events) for YoD 2007 (Year of the Dolphin), on Second Life.  My partner in this endeavor is Reg Mannonen, one of the most well known aquatics on SL.  I’m currently collecting information on dolphins and their endangerment, so I can find a way to have this information available to the public on SL.


Verizon and Belkin, you BOTH fail (Troubleshoot DSL problem)

•August 8, 2007 • 1 Comment

Verizon DSL… decent internet, reputable company. But guess what: over the course of three weeks, my internet went on and off on me every five minutes, causing me to have to relog on Maple Story, Meebo, and Second Life. Now… you can sure bet that I called Verizon to troubleshoot the issue, but they just kept telling me to restart the modem, and a bunch of silly nonsense, one of which I even logged into the DSL modem itself to re-configure it.

Now… curious as to what could be causing the problem, I logged into my router to see when/why my DSL connection is cutting off. Look at what I see:

Firewall log:
Tues Aug 7 13:48:42 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection
Tues Aug 7 13:49:46 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection
Tues Aug 7 13:50:43 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection
Tues Aug 7 13:52:55 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection
Tues Aug 7 13:54:05 2007 1 Blocked by DoS protection…

Now seriously. What kinda company configures a router to block the ISP by default. What’s wrong with you people?

Curious as to how this might be, I click on “Connection Type” on the menu to the left, only to see it’s to Dynamic by default… where it should be set to PPPoE, thanks to the insane security Verizon has put on their lines.

So I click into PPPoE to configure it, use the Master Verizon Account name and password, as well as naming the service “Verizon” (though I’m sure you don’t have to do this by default). Once saved, my DSL connection was up and running again.

Many have warned me that Belkin hardware was unfriendly. Cisco/Linksys FTW. I’ll focus on getting one soon.

Sports brands and their Mobile game plan…

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Mobile Monday aftermath, a panel with several speakers from organizations such as MLB… talking about what their plan is for mobility and mobile apps.

Key points made:

  • Users mainly use their cell phones when bored.
  • Users look to get content in the LEAST amount of clicks.
  • Users usually use sports apps to gain quick game scores.
  • Text messaging is the predominant use of cell phones currently in the US.

What had struck me though, is that a member of the audience asked a question about Wi-Fi being implemented in the technology of these phones… and they simply responded by saying general carriers (e.g. Verizon, Sprint, Cingular, etc) will dominate for at least the next 5 years. Yet the main complaining was that standards haven’t been implemented for cell phone interface.

Way I see it, standards will never come about if these rabid companies keep going with their greedy competition. Somebody needs to check up on them big time. The market for cell phones is diverse, but very unfriendly.

They also need to remember that Wi-Fi will dominate the market eventually, and it’s all about timing. As anybody can see, AT&T decided to go with the flow as they made a partnership with Apple for the iPhone (which was also a hot topic at the meeting). You either follow these technologies… or get left behind. Ignoring Wi-Fi’s presence in the mobile space will leave a dent in many companies to come, and it’s slowing down our potential growth.

Monroe College Country Western Hoedown on SL Campus… a success!!!

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The top three are my favorite images from the hoe down hosted on the 22nd… and what a fabulous event it was!

We got press at both SLNN and SLCN. My job was to host the music… and it’s no easy task to come up with 8 hours of CONTINUALLY streaming country music. I also helped regulate the square dancing… and offered a custom script for dispensers dispersed at several locations near the Monroe College parcel. Everybody had a great time, and some renowned businesspeople, scripters, etc. were there.

Here’s a lowdown of every activity that happened:

  • Square Dancing
  • A Hay Ride tour of the Sim
  • A Merry-go-round
  • Live Country Music
  • A barbecue

And for those of you who participated or attended as you read this… a major thanks to all of you!

Black desktop icons… RESOLVED

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Well, I’m writing this post because I had this problem with my desktop icons appearing as black boxes (on Vista). I did find one solution online. It was just one hit though. So I shall put this up for anybody with a similar or same problem. All I had to do is start up Windows in Safe Mode, then reboot. A simple solution to a silly problem.

Fast forwarding… new problem: at the 2600 meeting, I couldn’t access the internet via a connection a peer set up on his cell phone… and I’m told my Broadcom Wireless card is terrible hardware. It was also probably the reason why Fedora Core 6 couldn’t locate my hardware drivers properly. I will look more into the issue…

Hoedown for Second Life: Everything is in place, except I cannot find the proper square dance music yet. Also, I’m looking for volunteers… so if anybody’s reading this that’s in Second Life, give me a holler–Exinor Balczo.

Club and project update. Mobile SEO.

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Above you see some of the developments of Nocturnal Rush, a club my buddy Angelus and I have been working on. It’s pulled in a ton of traffic, and is pleasing us with the turnout. Currently we accommodate humans and dragons. I’m working on developments to accommodate tinies and aquatics in there… need the budget.

Tonight was the preview of the scheduled hoedown for the internship… and it’s shaping out quite nicely. We have the dances worked out, some of the music, some of the musicians, and most of the props. All I really see left is for everybody to get in proper costume… in which case I can show them where they can get a nice freebie one to start.

Mobile Monday, discussions of Mobile SEO (Search Engine Optimization). June 25th. Interesting, but I say… I’m not sure it’s so “feasible” to the mobile user. The only way I see this working is if a user can just say the search terms into the phone then send the request over. And DSP technology hasn’t evolved quite enough yet to even try to make that work. However, I know there are many technologies that “learns” your voice after a while so maybe there’s a way to program them to constantly try to understand your voice even when you’re talking to friends…? Just a thought.

Otherwise, mobile search is most likely to be used for silly things nowadays, as certain things were mentioned (sports, porn, etc.). But I still say… leave room for improvement. I doubt people will stay forever with their (large) laptops to look for important information… they may turn to mobile devices someday.

I also had the pleasure of talking with Sean Owen of Google and Andrea Mitchell of PodCastGO. Bright minds are sure shaping the future of mobile technology.

Hoedown review, and progress of virtual club.

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Many would argue that clubs are the “virus” of Second Life, but no doubt, they’re supposed to be big moneymakers. My friend and I have spent a bunch of money on Nocturnal Rush, and got a whole bunch of regulars, including Marie, Nuku, and blueeyedguy. Other than that, though we’re in the middle of relocating. I plan to have a radio stream up from OCremix, since it’s a video game themed club.

Other than that, this hoedown project for Monroe College is proving complicated, ‘cuz NO animations of square dances exist in Second Life… therefore I’ll have to animate it myself, and script it. Here’s a sample of what a square dance looks like…

Methinks I’ll have to actually TRY it to get all the moves stuck in my head, and I’ve no clue how long this project can take.

Also, I’ve had a bunch of meetings with the Iota studios employer Cody, because the interns haven’t been on for his classes. He ended up canceling the internship altogether, but is interested in hiring yours truly as an intern next semester. I am very excited and am looking forward to see the things he can teach me, and the projects I’ll be able to do.